Sensational Seafood

Grilled Tilapia
A mild white fish sprinkled with flavorful seasoning, served with drawn better and lemon
Grilled Tuna
A hearty half pound cut of yellowfin tuna steak, brushed with butter and char-grilled
Briarpatch Stuffed Flounder
A lovely dish created with a eight-ounce fillet of flounder wrapped around a delicate crabmeat stuffing, then baked to tempting perfection
Shrimp New Orleans
Eight jumbo gulf shrimp brushed with butters, broiled and presented with cocktail sauce and lemon wedge
Fried Shrimp
Six large shrimp batter-dipped in our own kitchen, then golden fried; served with cocktail sauce and lemon wedge
Polynesian Tuna
A taste of the islands! Marinated eight-ounce, steak-cut yellowfin tuna. An excellent choice

Indulge in the wonderful taste of cold-water lobster; twin five-ounce tails, split and carefully baked, served with drawn butter and lemon wedge