Garden Salads

Briarpatch Soup and Salad Bar
The perfect choice for those limited in time or looking for a healthy selection. Start with a cup of today's homemade soup, then add your favorite salad toppers to our crisp mixed greens, along with an assortment of country salads. Salad Bar a la Carte
Fresh Salad Bar
Salad-Stuffed Tomato
A ripe red tomato split and filled with our freshly made chicken salad; served atop lettuce leaf, with cottage cheese
Crisp delights
Cashew Chicken Salad
A Briarpatch favorite, freshly made chunky chicken salad mounted on a lettuce leaf and sprinkled with toasted cashews; accompanied by cottage cheese and sliced tomatoes
Soup, Salad and Baked Potato
A cup of today's homemade soup accompanied with your favorite salad bar then add a fresh baked potato
Salad Accents
Soup, Salad & Stuffed Potato
A cup of today's homemade soup teamed with your favorite salad bar then add a hot stuffed potato
Soup, Salad & Loaded Potato
Your favorite soup, your favorite salad bar and a bountiful loaded potato
Salad Accents
Soup Bar & Baked Potato
Enjoy a variety of fresh homemade soups served with a fresh-baked potato

We recommend these items for those who have limited time for lunch