Double Delights
 Can't decide?  Try any of our twosomes for a delicious double delight!

Shrimp & Steak 4x4:
Combination of four broiled gulf shrimp, and four juicy ounces of fillet mignon

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Shrimp & Steak 6x6:
Combination of six broiled gulf shrimp, and six juicy ounces of fillet mignon
Steak & Lobster
A delightful duo of a four ounce fillet mignon teamed up with a five-ounce cold water lobster tail, split and broiled; served with drawn butter and lemon
Beef & Bird
A char-broiled marinated chicken breast and our delicious beef tips; served over rice pilaf
Stuffed Flounder & Steak
A eight-ounce fillet of flounder stuffed with an herbed seafood dressing, carefully broiled and served with our tender four-ounce fillet mignon

To complement your meal:
Begin with a stroll through the Briarpatch Soup and Salad Bar, selecting your favorites; add your choice of (baked potato, rice pilaf or California vegetable), and we'll bring a loaf of homemade bread fresh from our ovens.